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International Astronomy Olympiad

International Astronomy Olympiad
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About International Astronomy Olympiad

The International Astronomy Olympiad is a scientific-education event for students of the junior high school classes. The Olympiad is carried out in the purpose of friendship, tolerance, where the competition is a stimulus for showing the participant’s capabilities but contacts, exchange of ideas and collaboration between students, teachers and scientists from various countries have a primary importance. 

Syllabus of International Astronomy Olympiad

  • Basic Concept of Mathematics and Physics at high school level are required for solving the problems. Standard solutions do not require using differential or integral calculus, complex numbers, spherical trigonometry.
  • Most of the data excluded form the problem situation. Contestants are provided with various tables of supplementary data that may be used in solution of any problem.
  • Problem’s texts use appropriate units usually used in astronomy and physics science and participants are expected to use appropriate units in their answers as well.
  • Participants are expected to use correct rounding off and expressing the final results with correct number of significant digits.
  • Solution of the problems with the terms or designations that have more than one international definition will be considered correct for both definitions. The same concerns the problems with disputed parameters. Nevertheless, participants are expected to know about possible difference in formal definitions and to use given data correctly, so that the nature of effects would not be corrupted.

For more detail about the syllabus, refer to the link-

Eligibility Criteria for International Astronomy Olympiad

  • The applicant must be 14-15 years old for group Alpha.
  • The applicant must be 16-18 years old for group Beta.


Exam Dates of International Astronomy Olympiad

 International Astronomy Olympiad 2018 will be held in Colombo in the month September- October.


Registration Process of International Astronomy Olympiad

·        Send an official ANRAO observer to the coming IAO. or

·       Send a team to the next licenced IAO-Type Event. or

·       Send a small team to the IAO organized at the ‘historical territory’ or IAO with the same rules.


Countries who took participation in International Astronomy Olympiad

Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Crimea, Estonia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Moscow, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine., Belorussia, Finland, Denmark, Bangladesh, Ireland, Croatia, Japan and Czechia.

IAO Sample Papers: