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Did you know who invented the principle of competition among students? It was Marcus Verrius Flaccus, a Roman teacher who was famous in the late 1st century BC and had used this technique as an educational aid.

As the demands of the society changed, its culture changed, and consequently, its educational practices. There is no doubt that education is the secret key to human success and the roots of education lie in competition. Competitive exams for school students sit at the core of the Indian education system. The gateways to some of the best courses and institutes in the country, they are indeed an unbiased way of choosing worthy applicants without the risk of peddling, favouritism or cultural influences.

To make it simpler, here’s a quick look at the exhaustive competitive exams for school students, before we get started with the details. Enjoy reading this informative piece, guys.


Country-wise Olympiads



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SchoolPlus Program

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Olympiad Exam Dates

Time to mark your calendar with the upcoming Olympiads exam schedule.

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LIVE Classes for Olympiads

Take your Olympiad preparation to next-level by taking LIVE Classes.

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Olympiad Test Series

Assess your performance by taking topic-wise and full length mock tests.

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India’s First Summer Olympiads

Know your true potential by participating in Unicus Olympiads for classes 1-11.

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Asia’s Biggest Winter Olympiads

Give wings to your innovation by appearing in CREST Olympiads for Prep/KG to classes 1-10.

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