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Stem Careers Programme

Stem Careers Programme
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About STEM Careers Programme

 The mission of STEM Careers Programme is to inspire the youth of the nation to opt for careers in Science, Mathematics and engineering and preparing them for the participation in the annual International Olympiad in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics & to encourage engineering students to come up with innovative solutions to problems of national interest.

 About National Science Talent Contest (NSTC)

 National Science Talent Contest (NSTC) is an extension of the National Physics Talent Contest launched by PAEC in 1995 on the directive of the then President, Islamic Republic of Pakistan. NSTC’s mission is to inspire the youth of the Nation to opt for career in Science and mathematics and to prepare them of participation in the International Olympiad in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

Sub-parts of NSTC are NPTC, NBTC, NCTC and NMTC.

  1. NPTC- National Physics Talent Contest (NPTC) is targeted to prepare Pakistani Students for participation in the International Physics Olympiad, is a regular event since 1995.

 There are 5 stages-

Stage 1- The first stage about thousand educational institutions throughout the country which offer science education at the intermediate level, are invited to nominate their best students who have secured 75% or more marks in physics and mathematics in their metric for participation in the contest.

Stage 2- The Second stage consists of a screening test that held in Major Cities of the country on the basis of which the top 50 students are selected.

Stage 3- The third stage consists of a training camp having the duration of A week. This camp is held at PIEAS during the end of August.

Stage 4- The Fourth phase, the student s who are shortlisted during the first Camp are invited to second one week camp in December end.

Stage5- 7-8 students are selected from the camp which are then invited to PIEAS for the Fifth phase.

  1. NBTC- National Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering is the Home Institution for Training Camp for National Biology Talent Contest.
  1. NCTC- Research Institute of Chemistry, International Center for Chemical Sciences is the Home Institution (HI) for Training Camps for National Chemistry Talent Contest.
  1. NMTC- CIIT, Lahore is the Home Institution (HI) for Training Camps for National Mathematics Talent Contest.

    About National Engineering Competition (NEC)

National Engineering Competition is carried out with an idea to encourage undergraduate engineer students in public/private sector engineering institutes to come up with innovative solution to problems of national interest. For this purposes a theme regarding such a problem would be circulated each year on which an interdisciplinary team of students could work under the supervision of their teachers. In addition to fourth year students, who could work on such problems in lieu of their senior year project, any undergraduate engineering student could participate in this Competition.

 Eligibility criteria for NEC

  • The participant must be undergraduate engineer student.


 For the national level competition, the corresponding amount is 50, 000 rupees, 30,000 rupees and 20,000 rupees respectively.



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